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Original Compositions and Arrangements

As a composer and arranger of a cappella choral music, I am largely self-taught, in the tradition of the first American composer, William Billings. For me the music comes first. I strive to write beautiful, singable lines for each part. A hallmark of my arrangements is that I share the melody among all the parts. I write for a community choir with strong singers in each part, and I challenge them.

My original compositions and arrangements are available for download here. All are SATB a cappella unless otherwise noted. I want to make my community bigger, and so I am offering them to you in the hope that they will be widely sung. Please make an offering to me in return, so that I may continue my composing, arranging and publishing work.


If you do end up performing one of my songs, I would love to hear about it. Contact me at
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A Thousand Grandmothers (SATB or SSA)

Rousing version of the Holly Near song—key change amps up the wattage.

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Two Bach chorales, set to the poetry of Emily Dickinson–a match made in heaven. Download arrangements

Christmas is Coming

Starting with the well-known Christmas round, quotations from many seasonal songs appear, sometimes in odd ways. A meditation on the poor, and the true meaning of Christmas. Download arrangement

Claveles y Rosas

Lively Spanish traditional villancico for Christmas.

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Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words.

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Jinjhoti in Jhaptal

Harry Belafonte’s “Turn the World Around” meets Indian raga and tala. In 5/4 time.

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Neighbors (SSAB)

Mary Buckley’s song about peace between people, with Hebrew and Arabic greetings woven in.

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Nigunim (English lyrics or Hebrew lyrics)

Beautiful Hebrew song about ancestors, by David Zehavi, lyrics by Fanya.

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Song of Peace

Sibelius’ classic melody, words from the Methodist hymnal. First verse in the low register, second an octave higher, gives it lots of power.


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Take the Toys Away from the Boys

A forceful anti-war plea, with a gospel flavor.

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To Luna

My poem dedicated to Julia Butterfly’s redwood tree-sit, Luna. Music by W.A. Mozart.

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When You Come Back

Dedicated to returning soldiers everywhere.

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Winds Through the Olive Trees

Sacred chant from Jewish, Moslem and Christian traditions, woven together in song, with vocal drone. A prayer for peace for the winter holidays.

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